Foreign Language Movies & Shows

In the post Which Foreign Language Shows And Movies Do You Like?, I started a series of posts featuring non-English and non-Asian movies & shows. The main reason for that is that most of this blog’s audience is familiar with entertainment in English, as well as asian dramas and movies.

From the list below I’m also excluding Brazilian shows, as until now, it’s only stuff that I watched when I was still living in Brazil, so it kind of doesn’t count for me. But if/when I watch new Brazilian content on Netflix, I’ll add it here as well.

The ones that have a link will take you to my review (or first impressions) post. Status as Waiting means I’m waiting for a new season to be released, or be made available in Canada, which is the case of The Ministry of Time.

Name Country Type Year Status Link
Thieves of the Wood Belgium TV 2020 Completed link
Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City Spain Movie 2019 Completed link
Mirage Spain Movie 2018 Completed link
Dark Germany TV 2017 Completed link
What Happened to Monday Belgium Movie 2017 Completed link
Here’s the Plan Chile Movie 2017 Completed link
The Invisible Guardian Spain Movie 2017 Completed link
The Road to Calvary Russia TV 2017 Completed link
The Wave Germany Movie 2008 Completed link
The Name of the Rose Germany Movie 1986 Completed link
The Rain Denmark TV 2018 Paused link
Better Than Us Russia TV 2018 Paused link
The Restaurant Sweden TV 2017 Paused link
Trapped Iceland TV 2015 Paused link
The Returned France TV 2012 Paused link
Lilyhammer Norway TV 2012 Paused link
Cathedral of the Sea Spain TV 2018 Waiting link
Lupin France TV 2021 Waiting link
Ragnarok Denmark TV 2020 Waiting link
Paranormal Egypt TV 2020 Waiting link
Curon Italy TV 2020 Waiting link
To the Lake Russia TV 2019 Waiting link
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Germany TV 2019 Waiting link
Babylon Berlin Germany TV 2017 Waiting link
The Ministry of Time Spain TV 2015 Waiting link


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