Geekosaur Weekly

Geekosaur Weekly #8: Model Trains and Bluegrass

I’m here again with another Geekosaur Weekly! This is a shorter edition, due to a very busy week, and some elbow and wrist pain today. But there’s still good things to check here, so keep reading!


Today we have some bluegrass with Aoife O’Donovan, Sarah Jarosz and Sara Watkins. I’m was only familiar with Sarah Jarosz, but I think this trio presentation was quite nice! Good vibes and relaxing for the weekend.

Geekosaur Weekly #1

For a while, I was thinking about returning with the weekly updates. And this week, after seeing that Twitter acquired a newsletter service (Revue), I decided to do it.

This is not actually a newsletter, as it’s been posted on the blog, but the idea is the same: having a commitment to write a weekly list of personal updates, interesting things that I found on the internet, and random thoughts/questions for online discussion that might result in a separate blog post later on.